This is a visual presentation of the Harry Reid corruption web, easier than reading hundreds of pages. We will be updating each icon with a mouseover description of the connection, so check back often (just started mouseovers April 20, will take at least 10 days).
Harry Reid's Connection to Bundy Ranch Siege
Meet Harry Reid's bribe consigliere, Jay Brown

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Icon Legend

Bribes Lawyer Jailtime Casino Strip Clubs & Porn Friend of Harry Ex Friend of Harry Vote Fraud
Character Activity Harry
Joe Conforte Mafia Pimp Jailtime
Conforte Reid Bribe

Conforte bribed a lot of politicians. Don Williams (Reid former campaign manager) is polygraphed saying he picked up money from Conforte for Reid.

Conforte Reid Bribe

Brown helped defend Conforte at one point with his partner mob lawyer Oscar Goodman

Jay Brown Bag Mafia Porn Lawyer Bagman
Conforte Reid Bribe

Brown involved with Rory in shady Table Mountain Indian Casino.

Don Williams Whistle Blower, Former Bagman for Reid
Tony "The Ant" Spilotro Mafia Casino Skim Killer
Conforte Reid Bribe

Brown helped defend Spilotro with his partner mob lawyer Oscar Goodman

Lefty Rosenthal Mafia
Conforte Reid Bribe

Brown helped defend Lefty in front of his Best Friend Harry Reid, then Gaming Commissioner. Also with his partner Oscar Goodman

Jack Gordon Mafia Porn Gambling Jail BA
Conforte Reid Bribe

Brown helped represented Gordon at one point with his partner Oscar Goodman

Terry Gordon Mafia Pimp Porn
Sol Sayegh
Dario Herrera Politician Bribery
Conforte Reid Bribe

In this case, Brown's son and Oscar Goodman's son were first to defend Herrera, who eventually was convicted.

Erin Kenny Politician Jailed Bribery
Jay Sarno Casino Tax Evasion
Joe Agosto Mafia Gaming Skim
Jeremy Johnson Internet Gambling, Bribery
Whittemore Lobbyist Developer Convicted Bribester
Jim Rhodes Developer
Sig rogich Lobbyist
Senator Robert Torecelli
Bob Loux Head of Nevada Nuclear Waste Office, embezzled money
Harry Claiborne Impeached Judge took money and girls from Conforte
Chris Petti Mafia Pimp
Jimmy Fratiano Mafia Pimp
Lance Malone Politician
Frank Sinatra Mafia Connected G
Wayne Newton Aladin Mafia
Mike Galardi Stripclub Owner bribes
Jack Galardi Stripclubs
Rick Rizzolo Mafia Tittybar Mafia Pimp
Kerkorian MGM Billionaire Biggest Donor Casino Owner/ Developer
Pansy Ho Macao/MGM Gambling Prostitution x
Crazy Horse Too Topless Stripclub Mafia
Palomino Nude Stripclub
Cheetahs Topless Stripclub
Scott Asjian Topless Stripclub Owner
Cheetahs Topless Stripclub Owner