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    BREAKING: Bundy Ranch

    I'm Daxton Brown, senior editor and analyst for Futurnamics. My work background in financial database consulting and information systems has given me a range of analytical skills for evaluating economic trends. I've consulted on both commercial real estate and stock market expert system software. I am a product of Stanford University, finishing a Mechanical Engineering degree and doing graduate work in civil engineering at UNLV.

    I'm a serial entrepreneur at heart and have spent most of my professional life in startup ventures ranging from my father's small trucking company in the 60s to a Television Station in the 90s and commercial real estate in the 00s. Besides writing on socio-economic trends and survival in a collapsing economy, I stay busy with a number of business interests. My current engineering interests range from magnetic-gear power transmissions to pulsejet engine development to microcontrollers to automotive mileage improvements.

    The reason I can provide a financial perspective you can't get elsewhere is my background is more varied than the usual economist, financial consultant, banker or politician. I come from a gritty entrepreneurial and bootstrap startup environment which allows me to offer some insights traditional sources don't have. I'm trained as a mechanical engineer out of Stanford, which gives me mathematical and computational skills beyond that of the normal economist; my perspective is based more on physics than sociology. Of course, while engineers do have a background in engineering economics, they aren't noted for giving financial advice, but my business experience and education, as an entrepreneur, economic software writer and commercial realtor gives me real world expertise just not available from academia.

    I have a long business history in startup ventures ranging from my father's small trucking company when I was 11 years old, to a television station. I worked as a software engineer during the design and construction of the $2 million dollar Dancing Waters Lightshow for Hutchinson Whampoa in Hong Kong in the early 90s. I then became a technical adviser and investor in the startup of Channel 39, Telemundo, a Las Vegas Spanish language television station. I gained invaluable background in the corporate venture world at TV39, which our group purchased for $2 million and later sold to NBC for $32 million. I also worked as an IT consultant during the construction and operation of the $20 million dollar hi-tech Club C2K theater at the Venetian Hotel (now the Blue Man Group theater). In commercial real estate I have been involved in multi-million dollar acquisitions of retail space.

    Writing control software led to my writing in-house stock evaluation software for a billionaire; an automated hedge fund precursor. I also write real estate expert system evaluation software that is comparable to what you find on Zillow.com (only more accurate) for a brokerage. I've done some stock market day trading, though that is no longer profitable because of the rise of so called algorithmic computer trading at the exchanges. I have done extensive financial database consulting and I apply information systems and analytical skills to evaluating commercial real estate and the stock market.

    My purpose in reciting my resume is not to puff up my experience; I already have a day job and don't need an ego boost. It is simply to explain that I do real world economic analysis for profit rather than as an academic hobby. I come from the entrepreneurial and engineering side of the business equation and my background contains a little bit of everything. That diverse perspective is what you need in the New Normal political and financial environment where everything and everyone is corrupt. The ground is moving under your feet and traditional economic analysis you rely on to survive is now done by people gaming the system.

    My economic analyses come from the perspective of engineering feedback and control system models derived from the limits of the thermodynamic laws. Rather than being esoteric, this viewpoint aligns well with Austrian School economics rather than Keynesianism. The advantage of a theory based on physics is that we don't have to worry about a lot of the anthropocentric baggage most economic theories carry. Either the physics allows an economic transaction to proceed, or it doesn't.

    Daxton Brown is the author of a number of books:
  • Author
  • Summit Media : 1993 to September 2005

    Technical adviser/investor in the startup of Channel 39, Telemundo, a Las Vegas high power Spanish language television station. TV39 sold in 2005 to NBC for $32 million (purchased for $2 million).

  • Club C2K at the Venetian (now the Blue Man Group Theater): January 1999 to June 2001

    Worked as a technical consultant during the construction and operation of the $20 million dollar hi-tech theater at the Venetian. (Now the Blue Man Group theater)

  • Whampoa Gardens, Hong Kong: 1990 to 1991

    Worked as software engineer during the construction and operation of the $2 million dollar hi-tech Dancing Waters Lightshow for Hutchinson Whampoa.

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    Daxton Brown daxtonbrown@yahoo.com
    Las Vegas, Nevada

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