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    BREAKING: Bundy Ranch

    Rules For Debating Liberals

    by Daxton Brown

    As every Conservative knows, debating a Liberal is akin to howling at the moon, sticking a porcupine in your shorts and being beaten with numchuks; all at once. But there can be some positive results of engaging the 'Progs' as long as you understand the limitations of debating monkeys. Herewith some helpful rules.

    Know Your Purpose The reason for debating a liberal is NOT to change their mind. After having debated on multiple forums over more than a decade, I have NEVER "won" a debate with a liberal. No matter whether I have absolutely crushed them with logic or presented irrefutable facts, they do not accept defeat. No matter how severe the cognitive dissonance debate may create between their position and reality, nothing you say will stick with them for longer than the time they need to light another dooby. So changing their mind is not your purpose. However, there are side benefits to debating liberals that can make the exercise worthwhile:

    1. Remember, there are usually lurkers and bystanders to your debate! On the Internet there may be thousands of secondary listeners. While some of those lurkers will also be pigheaded slackjaw liberals as well, there is always a fringe that has doubts and are looking for an excuse to bolt the liberal mind stalag. THEY ARE YOUR REAL AUDIENCE!
    2. Unless you debate liberals often and intensely, you will never acquire the skills needed to keep them from slipping and sliding like eels around blunt facts.
    3. Perhaps most importantly, liberals need to pay a price for trying to intimidate conservative voices. Their goal is to shut you up, to close the marketplace of ideas. Don't let them! Throw them a beanball brushback every chance you get.

    Rules of Engagement: There are no stinking rules! Liberals don't argue like human beings. Normal debate takes the form of an initial statement by one party, a response by a second party, then a series of exchanges where data is presented and then some sort of synthesis is made to an ultimate conclusion (or a polite though heated agreement to disagree).

    With liberals, facts are subjugated to "moral" or emotional statements. Inconvenient facts are ignored. It doesn't matter if you show them an economic chart straight from God showing the deteriorating welfare state, they will deny it, or ignore it, or claim amnesia. Then they will swear you get all your facts from Faux News.

    Rather than get upset with this lack of intellectual honesty much less fair play, remember your audience goes beyond this one chowderhead. By calmly stating your points, redundantly for emphasis, use a liberal's predictable foaming flareups to embarass them in front of listeners.

    Some things you can count on when debating a Liberal:

    • Changing The SubjectLiberals are extremely hard to pin down even when confronted with immutable facts. If you present a clear Yes-No question that would clarify the subject, they will not answer. They generally follow a question with a question. It is effective to repeatedly go back to the Yes-No question and point out their inability to answer.
    • Name Calling If you should pin them down, they will immediately resort to ad hominem name calling and vulgarities. If you respond in kind, they will claim you are the one who started the vulgarities. Never be vulgar, not because you don't know how to swear like a longshoreman, but because it creates a stark contrast.
    • Liberals Are Always Smarter Than You are You could be Albert Frickin Einstein and they will still claim you are an ignorant troglodyte. In fact their entire self esteem depends on you being stupid without proof (providing proof would cause an aneurysm, so they skip right to namecalling). Thus it is to your advantage for these debates to go on for a while as you slowly build up a string of evidence that shows your intelligence. Your patience will be rewarded, for there comes an inevitable point where the question becomes "If you are so smart, why are you having such difficulty defeating someone you proclaim an idiot".
    • Liberals Are Always Morally Superior Not only are Liberals smarter than you, they are also always morally superior. That means even if their policies would throw the country into economic collapse, they still will tell you there is a pressing need for free condoms.
    • Narcissism: Liberal's Audience is Themselves While you may be trying to persuade others that your logic and data are based on truth, liberals aren't trying to convince anyone of anything, they are instead trying to dictate their worldview. That's because they are narcissists who are threatened by any truth that is outside their experience.
    • The Race Card Liberals will always call you a racist, even if you are Mother Theresa. This is because this is the one last thread of moral superiority they have to cling to. Don't put up with that crap. Immediately call them a racist. Point out that Liberal policies have absolutely destroyed the black community. Point out that black homicides are seven times those of whites. It isn't Tea Partiers or Black conservatives who are causing chaos, it is the thug culture abetted by Democrats.

    Will we ever get back a civil society? I am sorry to be the messenger of bad tidings, but it appears the entire social/political system is now corrupt, from the petty thieves at the bottom, to the bankers and politicians at the top. The takers have figured out the crony politicl system and will argue to the end of time to maintain their booty of welfare state spoils. That's why you can't argue logically with the Left, you would be taking away their support system. Rather than cry about this we need to realize that this is the New Normal and that we have to adapt to this new environment.

    How have we gotten to this sorry state? Our problems in many ways trace to the rise of the secular welfare state, which takes personal responsibility away from the individual. When people steal (and welfare has come to be a form of theft), parasites no longer feel they are taking something away from other individuals (who feel pain), but from an amorphous society in general, a nebulous blob they can milk indefinitely. As this system collapses of its own weight, you need to prepare for a time when the wolves roam the streets.

    There are approximately $100 trillion in unfunded government liabilities in the U.S., and personal debt levels and finances are also in disarray. As the wheels come off this train society is going to return to a more barbaric level as people seek any means to survive. Hunker down now and strengthen your defenses and you will survive while others are driven to the edge.

    I have written a more useful strategies in my book "Going Galt", available on Amazon.com

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