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    Financial Survival

    Going Galt In The New Normal Depression Economy

    301 pages; 121,821 words
    Available from Amazon.com
    Available soon on Kindle and Smashwords
    We are in a Global financial collapse as worldwide welfare states meet the brick wall of exponential deficits and aging demographics. Political and economic reform will not come soon enough to avert a meltdown. Thus the central theme of "Financial Survival" is providing the skills and information you need to survive a Second Great Depression.

    Because economic fundamentals have changed, your financial strategies will be tested in ways unlike the First Great Depression. In the future, you won't only be facing long expected inflationary pressures as the Federal Reserve and Central Banks worldwide attempt to paper over the massive deficits of profligate welfare governments. You will also face intense deflationary pressures as wages and savings are crushed, money velocity falls and economic activity slows due to the loss of trust.

    This is the New Normal.

    Your financial future is at risk and your skills will need serious restructuring; the old ways will not work as fiat currencies are debased and collapse. Your goal is to at least make it through the collapse with your financial assets intact, and better still to be in position to profit from the opportunities that present themselves even in imploding markets. It won't be easy, but it is doable and the purpose of this book is to get you to the other side of a financial abyss which may last decades.

    The author's background is in engineering, economic modelling software and commercial real estate with a good dose of entrepreneur thrown in. This book relies on concepts from feedback control and information theory (the kind of nuts and bolts analyses that makes airplanes fly) rather than the intellectual academic pabulum that pads economic consultants and politician's pocketbooks.

    The failed record of the economic titans running our economy suggests there is much to learn from a perspective grounded in reality rather than ivory tower preening. You won't find the typical material presented in "Financial Survival" coming from mainstream pundits and economists schooled in Keynesian fantasy. What you will get is hard economic advice based on gritty experience.

    The failed record of the economic titans running our economy suggests you will learn much from a perspective grounded in reality rather than Hopium.


    Financial Future 1

    1 Economic Armageddon 2
    2 Timeline 13
    3 Economic Collapse 16
    4 Cyclical Financial Implosion 26
    5 How Life Will Change 33

    Monetary Theory 34

    6 Physics of Money and Value 37
    7 Biflationary Misery Index 43
    8 Stagflation Biflation Inflation Deflation 49
    9 Money In A Collapse 52
    10 The Fed & Monetary Collapse 56
    11 Where Central Banks Are Taking Us 73
    12 The Rise of Cybercash 77

    Financial Strategies 92

    13 Financial Survival Basics 93
    14 Bankruptcy & Strategic Default 95
    15 Financial Repression 98
    16 Retirement & Pensions 104
    17 New Normal 108
    18 Internal Exile 110
    19 Foreign Exile 1117

    Investing Your Money 122

    20 Stocks 123
    21 Recognizing Ponzi Schemes 134
    22 Bonds 137
    23 Real Estate 148
    24 Precious Metals 152
    25 Collectibles 156
    26 Starting A Business 159

    Taxation 147

    27 Taxes 162
    28 Tax The Rich 167
    29 IRS Audit Army 171
    30 Tax Reform 174

    Healthcare 177

    31 Obamacare Revolt 178
    32 Unfunded Healthcare 183
    33 Federal Drug Administration 186
    34 Healthcare Alternatives 188
    35 Cash Medical Care 191

    Education & Self Retooling 198

    36 Saving For College 199
    37 Your Educational Goals 202

    Political Reform 206

    38 Starve the Beast 207
    39 Constitution Restoration 209
    40 Avoiding Federal Overreach 212
    Macro Economic Theory 214
    41 Austrian Economics 215
    42 Keynesian Epic Fail 221
    43 Spending 226
    44 Economic Propaganda 231
    45 Reliable Economic Statistics 234

    Employment 243

    46 Outsourcing Our Future 244
    47 Structural Lost Jobs 248
    48 Staying Employed 255
    49 Federal Reserve Performance 257

    Dysfunctional Economics 259

    50 Confiscation of Wealth 260
    51 Crony Capitalism/Socialism 264
    52 Black and Gray Markets 267
    53 NIRP/ZIRP: Financial System Death Knell? 269

    Environment and Energy 260

    54 Green Dystopia 281
    55 Energy Starvation 284
    56 Nuclear Power 290
    57 Global Food Crisis 292

    Survival Strategies 294

    58 Financial Resistance 295
    59 Economic Civil War 297

    About the author:
    Daxton Brown, is senior editor and analyst for Futurnamics.com. His work in financial database consulting and information systems gives him a wide range of analytical skills for evaluating economic trends. He's consulted on both commercial real estate and stock market expert system software. A product of Stanford University, Daxton finished a Mechanical Engineering degree and did graduate work in civil engineering at UNLV.

    A serial entrepreneur at heart, Daxton Brown has spent most of his professional life in startup ventures ranging from his father's small trucking company in the 60s, to a Television Station in the 90s and commercial real estate in the 00s. Besides writing on socio-economic trends and survival in a collapsing economy, Daxton stays busy with a number of business interests. His current engineering interests range from magnetic-gear power transmissions to pulsejet engine development to microcontrollers to automotive mileage improvements.

    The reason Daxton can provide a financial perspective you can't get elsewhere is his background is more varied than the usual economist, financial consultant, banker or politician. Coming from a gritty entrepreneurial and bootstrap startup environment allows him to offer insights traditional sources don't have. Trained as a mechanical engineer out of Stanford, he has mathematical and computational skills beyond that of the normal economist; a perspective based more on physics than sociology. Of course, while engineers do have a background in engineering economics, they aren't noted for giving financial advice, but business experience and education, as an entrepreneur, economic software writer and commercial realtor gives him real world expertise just not available from academia.

    Daxton Brown is the author of Harry: Money Mob & Influence In Harry Reid's Nevada published in 2010. He is also the author of Going Galt: Surviving Economic Armageddon". He released Surviving Civil War II: Economic, Social & Political Collapse published August 1, 2011. and "Biflationary Depression: Protecting Assets From inflation and Deflation in a Keynesian Collapse" released february 20, 2012. Currently writing Going Galt: Surviving Obamacare, Vegas Rules: Wiseguy Business Tactics For Chaotic Times.

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    Daxton Brown daxtonbrown@yahoo.com
    Las Vegas, Nevada

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