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    BREAKING: Bundy Ranch

    As Obamacare collapses under the weight of over promising 'free' healthcare, two things will occur:
  • The ratcheting up of prices
  • Rationing of health services.

    One possible way to skirt the coming disaster of Obamacare, which will create shortages of healthcare of massive proportions, is to contract for medical procedures directly. One such example is The Surgery Center of Oklahoma, a 32,535 square foot, state-of-the-art multispecialty facility in Oklahoma City. Owned and operated by approximately 40 of the top surgeons and anesthesiologists in central Oklahoma, the facility has been accredited since 1998 without interruption and annually provides care to thousands of patients.

    As a matter of financial self preservation, you or your business should consider this type of cash based facility as an alternative to what will be an ill fated Obamacare experiment. Especially if you have no insurance at all, this facility can provide quality without bloated pricing.

    We have listed Surgery Center pricing at the end of this article as a reference for comparison with typical hospitals which are burdened subsidizing the care of indigents, illegals, and capped Medicare payments. The alternative is to consider a trip to a foreign country to have your surgery, but this entails hidden costs.

    The pricing of surgical services is at the top of the list of problems in our dysfunctional healthcare system. Bureaucracy at the insurance and hospital levels, cost shifting and the absence of free market principles are among the culprits for what has caused surgical care in the United States to be cost prohibitive. As more and more patients find themselves paying more and more out of pocket, a different approach is necessary involving transparent and direct pricing.

    Transparent, direct, package pricing means the patient knows exactly what the cost of the service will be upfront. Fees for the surgeon, anesthesiologist and facility are all included in one price without hidden costs, charges or surprises. Such facilities can offer low prices if they are physician-owned and managed. Controlling every aspect from real estate costs, to the most efficient use of staff, to the elimination of wasteful operating room practices that non-profit hospitals have no incentive to curb, they can provide quality care at lower prices.

    Comparison Pricing

    The prices shown below are not provided to promote The Surgery Center, but to give you a basis for cost comparison with other facilities. Procedure prices include the facility fee, the surgeon's fee and the anesthesiologist's fee. The initial consultation with the surgeon is also included, as is uncomplicated follow-up care. The duration of postoperative care is different for each surgical procedure. Therefore, at the initial consultation the surgeon also estimates the amount of postoperative care covered by the price. The $200 initial consultation fee is applied to the total cost of the procedure should surgery be indicated, otherwise the $200 is retained. Our goal is for the price to be as transparent as possible. What is NOT included in the fee is as follows:

  • Any diagnostic studies necessary prior to the surgery such as lab, MRI, X-rays, consultations with specialists to determine medical risk/management, physical therapy and rehabilitation.
  • Any hardware or implants necessary for completion of the procedure (plates and screws, e.g. for orthopedic procedures). This price information will be provided prior to surgery but subsequent to the surgical consultation. Our experienced surgical staff knows with almost certainty what will be needed to complete your surgery and this hardware or implants will be provided to you at invoice cost without any markup whatsoever. Copies of the invoices will be provided to you.
  • Any overnight stay at our facility. This can be arranged on a case-by-case basis for an additional charge.
  • Lodging or travel expenses.
  • Expenses or fees resulting from complications subsequent to the completion of the surgery and discharge from the facility.

    The prices listed are not negotiable and are available only to those who pay the entire amount in advance. The Surgery Center is able to offer these prices due to the lack of expense in processing the claims and the absence of risk for non-payment. Major price differentials will exist at other similar cash only facilities. The Surgery Center of Oklahoma PROCEDURES TOTAL

    The Surgery Center of Oklahoma

    Knee $3,740
    Knee with lateral release or microfracture $4,510
    Shoulder $5,720
    Elbow $3,740
    Wrist $4,300
    Hip $5,575
    Ankle $3,740
    Anterior cruciate ligament repair $6,990
    Posterior cruciate ligament repair $6,990
    Medial Collateral Ligament $6,160
    Tibial Tubercle Osteotomy $6,270
    Open Rotator Cuff Repair $6,160
    Bankhart Stabilization $6,160
    Distal Clavicle Excision $4,730
    Ulnar Nerve Trasposition / Epicondylectomy $4,510
    Carpal Tunnel Release $2,750
    Dupuytrens Contracture $2,950
    Trigger Finger $2,750
    Ganglion Excision $2,750
    Achilles Repair $5,730
    Bunion $4,125
    Hammertoe (1) $2,475
    Hammertoe (2) $2,860
    Hammertoe (3) $3,355
    Gastrocnemius Recession $4,180
    Plantar Fasciotomy $3,080
    Neuroma Excision $2,750
    Closed Reduction and Casting $1,925
    Percutaneous Pinning - finger 1-2 pins $2,805
    Open Reduction Internal Fixation
    Simple $4,455
    Complex (includes rodding Humerus/Tibia/Femur) $6,375
    Hardware Removal
    Simple $2,530
    Complex $4,510
    Manipulation under anesthesia with block $2,000
    Hernia - Includes Mesh
    Inguinal $3,060
    Bilateral $4,325
    Umbilical $3,190
    Incisional $4,500
    Cholecystectomy $5,865
    Mass - Excision / Biospy $2,365
    Mastectomy with or without Node Dissection $5,005
    1st stage: reconstruction w/expanders, single $5,280
    1st stage: reconstruction w/expanders, bilateral $7,480
    2nd stage: w/ implant placement, single $4,235
    2nd stage: w/implant placement, bilateral $5,555
    Hemorrhoidectomy $3,300
    Vein Stripping - single $3,520
    Vein Stripping - right and left $4,995
    Central Venous Catheter $3,190
    Microdiscectomy $8,855
    Lumbar Laminectomy $9,900
    Anterior Cervical Disc Fusion, One Level $16,500
    Anterior Cervical Disc Fusion, Two Levels $21,500
    Lumbar Epidural Steroid $1,100
    Cervical Epidural $1,400
    Lumbar Sympathetic $1,580
    Stellate Ganglion Block $1,100
    Reblock for Acute Postop Pain $1,200
    Epidural Blood Patch $1,100
    Nasolacrimal Duct Probe - Single $1,870
    Nasolacrimal Duct Probe - Right and Left $2,420
    Strabismus, 1 muscle $3,300
    Strabismus, 2 muscles $4,000
    Strabismus - More than 2 muscles $4,840
    Chalazion $1,870
    Thyroidectomy $6,160
    Lymph Node Excision / Biopsy $2,255
    Myringoplasty $2,400
    Bilateral Myringotomy with tubes $1,700
    Tympanoplasty $5,060
    Tympanoplasty - Mastoidectomy $7,050
    Mastoidectomy $6,640
    Inner Ear - Stapedectomy $5,390
    Ossiculoplasty $5,060
    Cochlear Implant $8,800
    Foreign Body Removal $1,500
    Bilateral SMR Turb $2,700
    Sinus / Turbinates 1 side $3,795
    complex $4,950
    Sinus / Turbinates both sides $4,510
    complex $5,885
    Septoplasty $3,550
    Septoplasty and Sinus/Turbinates $5,060
    Nasal Fracture Simple Closed $1,900
    Nasal Frature Complex Open $4,015
    Tonsillectomy $3,050
    Adenoidectomy $2,695
    Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy $3,695
    Adenoidectomy and BMT $3,300
    Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy and BMT $4,400
    Frenulectomy $1,600
    Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty $5,445
    Diagnostic Laryngoscopy with biopsy $2,970
    Oral Surgery
    Mandibular Osteotomy $12,000
    Bladder Suspension
    Mini-Arc Mid-Urethral Suspension $4,480
    Anterior Repair $6,495
    Posterior Repair $6,180
    Hydrocelectomy $3,600
    Epididymectomy - Partial $3,600
    Epididymectomy - Total $4,100
    Testicular Biopsy $1,900
    Vasovasostomy $5,300
    Circumcision $2,000
    Penile Prosthesis $15,425
    Ultrasound and biopsy of prostate $1,900
    With bilateral retrograde pyelogram $2,150
    Stone extraction/stint $3,600
    Transurethral Resection of Prostate $3,600
    Transurethral Resection of Bladder Tumor $2,800
    Hysterectomy (includes overnight stay) $8,000
    Tubal Reversal (includes overnight stay) $9,100

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