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    Futurnamics Mission

    Our Raison d'etre

    Futurnamics originally started out as a platform to explore applying thermodynamic and information theory concepts to economics. All well and fine, but a bit academic. Fortunately or unfortunately, reality has intruded. Politicians have found ways to not only slide us towards petite socialism, but to drive us off the cliff at full throttle.

    This required a shift to seek preservation not only of self, but also for the followers of Futurnamics, for if we do not hang together, we shall certainly hang separately. The collapse of the global welfare state, brought about by deficit excess as well as central bank debasement of currencies will soon leave us in a situation where only coalitions of the strong will survive. This has led to the writing of a series of books, most of a survivalist or political reform nature.

    • Harry: Money Mob and Influence
    • Going Galt: Surviving Economic Armageddon
    • Surviving Civil War II
    • Biflationary Depression: Protecting Assets From Inflation And DeflationIn A Keynesian Collapse
    • Going galt: Survival Gardening
    • Going Galt Financial Survival: Navigating the New Normal Biflationary depression

    Our mission is therefor to:

    1. Educate conservative coalitions on the economic dangers that face us.
    2. Provide effective political means of responding to these threats.
    3. Provide defensive ways to firewall one's family and finances from the coming economic tsunami.

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