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    BREAKING: Bundy Ranch

    We provide the following links to suppliers of "Prepper" goods that will be helpful to those worried about economic collapse. We get a small cut from sales here (maybe $100/year), which helps support Futunamics.com and increases our ability to provide free economic and political survival information. Thanks; Daxton Brown

    Precious Metals

    Buy Gold and Silver JM Bullion: Every serious Prepper should own some gold and silver as preparation for when not just the US Currency is devalued.

    Food Storage

    Honneyville Freeze Dried Foods

    Honeyville Food Products

    Freeze Dried Meats
    Freeze Dried Beef
    Freeze Dried Fruits
    MFS_a_728x90, Myfoodstorage My Food Storage offers amazing options, flavors and pricing - sure to please any budget. FREE shipping on all US orders!
    Freeze Dried Emergency Food Buy Emergency Foods: Shop Emergency Food Storage

    Survival Kits and Camping

    Quake Kare: Emergency Survival Kits Quake Kare: Emergency Survival Kits
    EDisasterSystems - Emergency Kit Banner Emergency Disaster Systems
    Name brand hunting and fishing gear from Acadiana Outfitters Acadiana: gear for bugging out
    Army Navy Shop

    Survival Gardening

    Botanical Interests: Heirloom seeds: Get away from hybrid seed.

    Nature Hills Trees
    Great Deals on Greenhouses - Eartheasy.com
    Great Deals on Composters - Eartheasy.com
    EarthEasy Greenhouses/Composters
    A different collection of seeds for survival gardeners, from Poland!

    Solar and Energy

    Solar Panels

    Thinking Outside The Box

    Enjoy great home brewed beer. Beer might not normally be thought of as a Prepper item, but it actually serves as a barter item, a source of calories, and the Romans used beer and wine making as a way to improve on bad drinking water.
    American Flags

    create & buy custom products at Zazzle

    Finance Links

    Bearish News
    Boom Bust Blog
    China Financial Markets
    Chris Martenson's Blog
    Contrary Investor
    Coyote Blog
    Credit Writedowns
    Daily Capitalist
    Daneric's Elliott Waves
    Dr. Housing Bubble
    ETF Digest
    Fund My Mutal Fund
    Gains Pains & Capital
    Global Economic Analysis
    Gonzalo Lira
    Hedge Accordingly
    Infectious Greed
    Investing Contrarian
    Jesse's Cafe Americain
    Market Folly
    Max Keiser
    Mises Institute
    Naked Capitalism
    Of Two Minds
    Oil Price
    Shanky's Tech Blog
    TF Metals Report
    Testosterone Pit
    The Burning Platform
    The Daily Crux
    The Economic Populist
    The Mad Hedge Fund Trader
    The Market Ticker
    The Technical Take
    The Trader
    The Underground Investor
    Themis Trading
    Wall St. Cheat Sheet
    When Genius Prevailed
    Daxton Brown daxtonbrown@yahoo.com
    Las Vegas, Nevada

    Hunting Gear and Apparel
    Buy Gold and Silver