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    BREAKING: Bundy Ranch

    Daxton's Best Tweets

    Ironically, Dorner and Obama both mesmerized the nation last night by having their pants on fire.

    I follow all CONSERVATIVES back. We are building a Twitter army. #TGDN

    The death and misery that will come from Obama supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt will last generations.

    Welcome to all my new #TGDN followers! I've been to Twitter Gulag for being a conservative. Left is conducting cyberwarfare. Resist!

    Stalin, Castro, Mao, Chavez, Ortega, Ho . .All leftists who enslaved, crippled & killed working class. Your buddies, not mine.

    We can't ever let the left back in power, they are dragging us into a whirlpool of debt slavery and dependence. #OWS is glaring example.

    Obama: "preserving our individual freedoms ultimately requires collective action". V. Lenin could not have said it better.

    Dems hate guns because it is likely one of their constituents who would get shot trying to mug you.

    Executive Orders on 2nd Amendment Rights could cascade into open revolt. I don't think Obama realizes how seriously people take gun rights.

    #TGDN Notice that Tea Party types that follow are not exactly a troglodyte army as portrayed by Left. They are bright, talented And washed!

    The Dems picked "Forward" as their campaign slogan because "Abort A Baby For Satan" was already taken.

    Democrats are upset because Obama DID bring his A game. He just showed he's a pompous, overrated, under-performing, clueless. empty chair.

    A must follow is @irritatedwoman Grow your network of conservative Twitter friends!

    Most conservatives are pretty tolerant, just don't make us pay for your abortion/drug rehab/STD/foodstamps/etc and you can do what you want.

    Tea Party - many guns near zero crime. Democrat constituents on other hand are many times as homicidal. Stop Democrats, not guns.

    God, Family Country - NOT - Obama, Abortions, Big Government

    I'm looking Forward to the 2013 Summer of Recovery, which I imagine will be something like 'Weekend At Bernie's"

    In the spirit of the $Trillion Platinum coin to pay off national debt, I'm paying off my debts with a shiny stainless steel washer slug

    2013 Prediction 9: Expect chaos in healthcare as people find 1) healthcare goes up in price, 2) healthcare evaporates, 3) many fined by IRS

    Gun control would mean among other things that the only people along the southern border with guns would be the cartels.

    The fact that Bernanke is not in jail for counterfeiting has more to do with the incestuous power of politicians and bankers than justice.

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